Under the eye of Alexander Duff

We’ve been at Scottish Church College this evening. It was founded in 1830 by Rev Alexander Duff, the first missionary in India of the Church of Scotland. It was established as an institution of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Beautiful flowers at the entrance introduced us to a College which ‘linked western education with Christian mission and the eventual progress of the people’ So we enjoyed an animated meeting with the Principal, Dr John Abraham, and members of the staff – under the watchful eye of Rev Alexander Duff. We discussed the way in which people in India still see education as an engine of social progress – when young people back home are beginning to wonder whether that link is as powerful as it once was. It is also fascinating to explore the way in which a college such as this is attractive to young people right across Indian society – its places are hugely over-subscribed.

And in case you are wondering where Bishop Ashoke Biswas has gone to, here is a picture of our meeting yesterday


  1. Good to see you receiving the warm Calcutta hospitality. Safe journeys!

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