Preparing for Kolkata

This is St Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata [Calcutta] where I hope to preside and preach on Sunday week. We’re in the process of putting together a Companionship Link between our diocese and the Diocese of Calcutta. I’m going next Tuesday for a five day visit with two others from the diocese. I’ve had the injections and am well into the malaria stuff.

Meanwhile, after the excitement of the Argyll Consecration – fairly remarkable photograph, don’t you think – I’ve had all the thrills of a day of Provincial Standing Committee and two days of College of Bishops. Sometimes it is all overwhelming! But some things are, I think, better than they used to be. Agendas are less inclined to over-run their time. There are some [very] slight signs of a thaw on the ecumenical front. But let’s not get too excited for now ..


  1. Hello! David. Hope you are keeping well by God’s grace. We still remember your visit and the time we spent with your team in Kolkata and Serampore. Pray to God for His blessings upon your Episcopal ministry in the days to come.

    1. Thank you Abir. It was a good time and we are very thankful. We look forward to welcoming Bishop Ashoke in June and to building further on our relationship ..

  2. We are eagerly waiting for you to come here in Calcutta. Hope we will have a enriching time with you. Rev. Abir Adhikari (Diocesan Secretary) and myself (Finance Secretary) will be there to welcome you in the airport. Safe journey!

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