Addressing the Haggises of Life

Kirriemuir Rectory – Alastair Addresses the Haggis in time-honoured style. A good time was had by all.

So preparations are in train for my trip to the Primates’ Meeting which begins tomorrow in Dublin. I am asked to bring with me something – photo, symbol, object, etc – which might express where the Scottish Episcopal Church now is and the issues which it faces, etc.,etc. You know the kind of thing, I am sure.

So what do you think ….. ? I have a fall-back idea myself but suggestions are always welcome.


  1. We thought it was funny to offer a teeny-weeny haggis on an enormous plate, but not many others thought so, as you can tell. I know that there’s a picture of the crozier hook wending its way to Dublin but what other things could depict what the Scottish Episcopal Church is? A spiderweb?

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