Wonderful, wonderful

It’s hard not to like Copenhagan – apart from the prices. But the place that brought us the Danish pastry can’t be altogether bad. I’m here for the ceremony to mark the Danish church’s full membership of the Porvoo Communion.

The most obvious thing is the cycling culture – one third of the population cycles to work every day. The flat terrain helps. But Copenhagan is on the same latitude as Edinburgh so the climate is not altogether favourable.

That in turn can’t be unconnected with the absence of the obesity which is increasingly obvious at home. The charming incongruity is that in a land where all is trim, slim, green, organic and wholesome, there is more smoking indoors and out than I have seen in years.


  1. Managed to comment on the wrong post in Facebook. We were briefly in Copenhagen during the summer. Really liked it as a city. Nice calm vibe about it. On the train to the airport, the driver came on the the intercom saying something like: ‘Hi. If you’re going to the airport, relax, you’re on the right train. Just sit back, enjoy the view on this beeauuuutiful day and we’ll have you there very soon.’ In your post, you didn’t seem to mention what all these people might be smoking indorrs and out!

  2. …… but a distinct absence of food being consumed ‘on the hoof’.

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