I’m helping myself to a short blogbreak while we are at Blogstead na Mara in Donegal.

Things have moved on here. We eventually decided that we could no longer justify the landline at Eircom’s rates – more expensive than our Blogstead facilities. I did ask why they charged so much – to which I got the usual answer, ‘It’s the regulator’ So that explains that then. So we are sitting in the internet cafe – others have discovered that it is possible to log on while parked in the Square. I invited discussion as to whether or not this was a victimless crime. But we’re on holiday so that’s that. Meanwhile, there circulates among the expat community here [that means Portadown] the information that Eircom will reconnect you and wiave the charge if you ring a particular access number. But nobody can remember what it is.

I’ve been enjoying Ian McEwan’s Solar – and in particular the legend of the unwitting thief ..

And finally I had as one does a special haircut for what they call in Ireland ‘the holliers’. Unfortunately the waiting times in my favourite place in George Street have been extending, so I moved my custom to a random hairdresser in the Dalry Road – only to find that he is Richard Holloway’s hair artiste. Asked for a brief rundown of Richard’s requirements, he responded that ‘He just asks me to whack it off’ But closer to home I have found a Turkish barber in South Street in Perth. He was really good – particularly when he approached the top of my head with his clippers and said rather menacingly ‘Zero’ I did not know whether it was statement or question.


  1. Remembering your conversation with Mr B, I hope you’re getting closer to the rejuvenating No.2 …

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