Well as you know there is only one priestly TV programme for me .. but I still made time to watch the first episode of Rev last night.

It’s hard to know what to think. The whole UPA scene is somewhat distant from Perthshire but the issues are the same. But I’ll content myself with two comments for the time being.

One is that it was good to see them sketching out a serious moral/ethical issue at the heart of ministry. Of course getting your child into a highly-regarded CofE Primary School may not rate with the big issues of our time. But when you are dealing with people who want what they want …. It’s a good reminder that everything tells you everything about everbody and nothing is hid. In my experience, it’s always in the set of the mouth.

The other is my fascination with the spouses of clergy. Please don’t misunderstand .. nothing inappropriate. But I’m the one who came home from the Lambeth Conference saying that the wives of the bishops were often far more interesting than the bishops themselves. But it’s obvious, innit? Those who didn’t choose this for themselves [and I know we would claim to have been chosen, etc] but who are often – in the most direct sense – the backbone of their partner’s ministry … how could they not be interesting? And so it was last night.


  1. “In my experience, it’s always in the set of the mouth.”

    Excellent, Bishop David.

    As Laura said, we can’t see the program yet in the US, but I hear it’s coming.

  2. I think it managed to stay just this side of caricature or stereotype but only just. And I did laugh aloud a couple of times. Let’s watch a couple more before making the definitive critical judgement!

  3. I am intrigued. I hope they’ll show it in the U.S. at some point.

    Love your comment about the spouses!

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