On the way home

Time to be home. We have about ten days now before General Synod and lots of things happening between now and then – not least the Edinburgh 2010 Conference. I’m looking forward to meeting the Anglican delegates in Edinburgh next week.

It’s been a good experience here – three days of intensive training with a group of about 30 bishops. They are mainly American but also Canadian and Irish. We got a rerun of the ‘hat and stick’ session – can’t do that often enough – and I sat in the corner of the Year 1 Media Training which I did last year. In my view, it’s the best – how to sit, how to look, how to stay ‘on message’, how to disarm. And there was much more besides – like the 360 degree appraisal and Vocational Profile.

But I am more than ever grateful for the contacts and the chance of exploring where people are in a nuanced way. We didn’t happen to be at the same conference together – rather we’re having the same experiences together on equal terms so that creates a sense of belonging together. Meeting the same people again for a second year was a great help in deepening relationships.


  1. Guess it wasn’t your Brompton on the train yesterday then!

    1. Sadly not. Alison engaged another Bromptonista in random chat on the train recently – but found him unresponsive. Maybe he wasn’t a true believer – just thought it was a bicycle.

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