A contribution from the Church of England

Here’s something you ought to read if you have a moment. The Bishop of Gloucester, Michael Perham, writes to his clergy about Anglican Communion relationships in the light of the consecration of Canon Mary Glasspool as an Assistant Bishop of Los Angeles.

Just to make it easier, you can download it here

I hope to meet Bishop Mary Glasspool at the training for bishops in the US next week.


  1. Is it simply that the TEC simply enjoys being provocative? It would seem that a controversial candidate for the episcopate is likely to have a head start over the others. All this while the TEC fragments around the edges with parishes and even dioceses departing what is increasingly seen to be an ‘anything goes ‘ province.

  2. Interesting position. He seems tangled, not so much between the polar right/wrongs that some in the Communion see, as between right-v-“unity”.

    I don’t recall seeing much discussion, whenever I was last regularly reading TA, on the “unity as centrist” kind of argument.

    I also don’t buy the idea that one has to move at the pace of the slowest.

    1. Actually I thought he was facing in another direction as well – which is about first and second order issues. The problem then is of course who decides what is first and what is second order. And the making of that choice in turn reveals something of your own view of the first order issues!

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