I’m moving on from reading the Ministry ‘n’ Management material to the 360 degree appraisal – all part of the preparation for next month’s training course at the boot camp for bishops. So I’ve had to find 10 people to complete an on-line appraisal of me – obviously I’ve had to find ten people to whom I have been particularly nice or where our shared endeavour has turned out well. So that’s been a bit of a struggle, as you can imagine. Then I’ve had to fill in a self-appraisal – 93 questions asking how I rate my performance .. and how important is this. And I’m not allowed to argue with it or say I don’t like the questions or maybe they could be better phrased or that I don’t know what they mean or that they are ambiguous …..

All in all it was a relief to join with the neighbours in shifting the eight tons of gravel which were delivered on Friday – because of course they sent a tractor which wouldn’t go through the arch so we had to wheelbarrow all of it.

And I’ve also been struggling with Vodafone’s Sure Signal – a handy device which is supposed to produce a sparkling 3G mobile phone signal so I won’t have to hang out of the upstairs windows or pace the garden any more. Except it won’t work. Tim the Geek and I have been delving into its innards and the firewall protocols in the router and all sorts of stuff which I don’t know about.


  1. “fill in a self-appraisal – 93 questions asking how I rate my performance ”

    Interesting! Here in the (US) Episcopal Church, I’m preparing to go on a thing called a Credo retreat. It’s put on by the Church Pension people, but I believe there’s a non-denominational outfit that designed the course. Anyhow, the reason I’m surfing around reading blogs is that I’m avoiding filling out a Clergy Vocational Profile that’s exactly 93 questions long. That can’t be a coincidence!

    I only had to find 6 people to profile me (but then I’m not a bishop). Good luck with this, and blessings on your ministry.

    1. Same thing Mark. I’m doing the Living our Vows programme of the College for Bishops – probably use similar material

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