It’s not often you get handed a sermon ‘on a plate’ as it were. Tiger Woods, in his somewhat uncomfortable ‘mea culpa’ this week, may have said that he is into Buddhism. But he produced a great sermon for the First Sunday in Lent and, because he isn’t playing golf at present, was available to preach it at St Peter’s, Kirkcaldy, this morning.

My journey to London later on provided more source material for my upcoming resource document on ‘Aircraft cabin announcements as liturgy’ This is of course a two-way street – as I discovered in America last year where one says, ‘You’re giving me some pushback on that issue.’

Seems to me that there are two key aspects to liturgy. One is that it bears constant repetition without being irritating – indeed repetition brings enrichment. Two is that it has the capacity to face a number of different directions, depending on how one plays the emphases. My experience of the liturgy of cabin announcements is that the life jacket and oxygen mask bit is pretty well all right – probably because it’s monitored very carefully. But the more random stuff just gets worse and worse …. as in ‘do not remove your luggage from the overhead locker until is IS safe to do so’ and ‘on behalf of Captain Bloggs and the ENTIRE crew’

Maybe if I ever need to get a proper job, there is a future for me in aircrew training .. and they could double up and do some Sunday stuff for us.

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  1. Tiger Woods provided sermons for many clergy this week. Evan Lysacek showed how to resist temptation in his interviews after winning the men’s skating.

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