Below the Salt

It was the buglers that did it for me. Seemingly every time one prepared to say something, there was another fanfare. But we enjoyed the Lord Mayor of London’s Dinner at the Mansion House for the Bishops. It was a good night out and ++Rowan talked about Dick Whittington and his cat. I didn’t hear him saying anything about the suggestion that cat people are more intelligent than dog people. But I am sure it was there between the lines.

Two things in particular were of interest.

Our host, the Lord Mayor, was very forthright in saying that the trust between the people and the banks had been broken. And it was good to hear that. I listened carefully – but in vain – for anything which suggested that he knew how such trust might be restored.

The other of course is to do with what it is like to wear my Piskie tee-shirt at the heart of such an establishment – or was that Establishment – gathering. There is great personal warmth directed towards us and what we represent – indeed I suspect that many look somewhat longingly at a church which travels light and is edgy, edgy. It’s a different world and I know which one I prefer.

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