Each day ..

I’m becoming a regular visitor to the Weather section of the BBC website – no real sign of a change yet. Maybe all this is because Heather the Weather retired from BBC Scotland TV. We haven’t done too badly as regards snow. But the cold …

Anyway the Passat and I skied down to Bridge of Allan on Tuesday evening to discuss the Anglican Covenant with members of the Area Council. Who could possibly want to come out on a cold night to talk about that? Well 25-30 people actually. And we gave each other a conducted tour of ‘Anglican Communion Issues’ What interests me about sessions like this is a sort of instinctive ‘feel’ that people seem to have for the distinctive culture and quality of the Anglican way of doing things. They may not have much of the information – offered the question, ‘What are the four instruments of unity of the Anglican Communion?’ they might not do too well. But they seem to have a feel for the extraordinary balances and tensions with which we live and which make Anglicanism so special.

Last night was ‘Let’s arrange to go to the Nutcracker in Edinburgh after Christmas’ So we did. I couldn’t face answering the question from somebody digging us out of a snowdrift at Kinross, ‘What was the purpose of your journey?’ So we went by train. With time to kill on the way home, we went into a nice bar just above the bridge on the way down to Waverley. And then we were introduced to that great levitational mystery which is shared by Old St Paul’s. Down the lift, through two doors and cross the street … and you’re at Waverley. I still don’t know how it was done. Pure Alice in Wonderland.


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