Le Weekend

Not a bad week as weeks go.  By my standards, the diary was quite relaxed.  The faithful Passat and I [now 186000 miles – the Passat that is although the feeling is sometimes mutual] visited Grangemouth, Glenrothes, Kirriemuir and Oban.  It also needed a new tyre.  And I decided that the lights were a bit dim until I got out with the Johnson’s baby wipes which I carry everywhere …. and found that it was just the gunge.

My trip to Oban was interesting – Preliminary Meeting of the Electoral Synod for Argyll and the Isles.  My blogging friend Blethers will give you the blow by blow.

It’s an amazing drive – as are most journeys in Scotland.  I was busy at my usual game of trying to match the music on my MP3 Playlist to the places.  I was on Scott Joplin’s Elite Syncopations in Comrie – where a former German POW has left his money to the community.  Bach Motets on the way up Glen Ogle … brass bands in Crianlarich … ‘A safe stronghold’ in Tyndrum.  The scenery is amazing.  The mobile phone signal and Classic FM fade away.  We had a meeting in Oban – which Blethers will explain better than I could at the moment – and then I drove the 104 miles home again.

So welcome weekend.  I’ll be visiting our little congregation in Tayport.  Oh – and they built a new hall.


  1. I’m afraid I think of Miss Piggy when I sing that one – sing it and see what I mean.
    And I shall be blogging with enormous circumspection about the forthcoming process – trust me! 🙂

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