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Some weeks just have everything in them.  I’ve been to the Synagogue in Edinburgh for an interfaith meeting of religious leaders .. been to the final meeting of one of our own committees [yes – one less] … met the Church of England and the Church of Scotland at Dunblane .. gone to the Scottish Parliament with church leaders to meet the First Minister.  Four trips to Edinburgh and one to Glasgow and it’s only Thursday!  Today offered an interesting mix.  I was the guest with Sally Magnusson for ‘Sally on Sunday’ which was recorded today.  Having tested the resources of the BBC by turning up at Pacific Quay on the Brompton folding bike, we talked of many things and I found myself emotional about Remembrance Sunday.  Always happens and I don’t really know why.  This evening I went to the installation of a new East of Scotland Divisional Commander for the Salvation Army.  Great hymns sung quickly and much else besides.  I struggle a bit with uniforms but then reflect that I’m not averse to a bit of more exotic plumage myself.  Most interesting of course is the practice of installing a married couple together in ministry – welcome to Alan and Alison.

And in the midst of all that, I’ve been taming a new mobile phone.  Farewell to the Blackberry.  We never got on.  It was devised by somebody whose mind works on some principle different from mine.  So I’m now in a relationship with an HTC Magic and Google Android.  We’ve had a struggle or two.  But it did download my entire diary and contacts list in the time it took to travel between the Forth Bridge and Haymarket and connected to my e mail without protest.  I think I belong to the now generation inasmuch as I expect to be able to make things work without reading the instructions.  Sermon in there, I think.

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  1. Thanks for bring the ‘Sally on Sunday’ show to our attention, I’ve not been a regular Radio Scotland listener at that time of day. I managed to wake up and listen and found your contribution very interesting. And a member of the the US Episcopal church was on too 🙂

    It’s on the BBC iplayer

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