Pied a terre

More like passing through, I’m afraid.   We spent yesterday in Dublin celebrating the marriage of my godson, Owen, to Raffaella.  They both work for the International Red Cross in challenging places.  One sits with the older generation in the shadows of the celebrations muttering that the new generation isn’t really so bad after all.

Tomorrow I’m off to Porvoo for a Primates’ meeting and will be back Wednesday evening.  Tim the Geek now has the Netbook fully plumbed in to the office server back in Perth.  So normal service continues.  I suspect that life was simpler for everybody when that wasn’t possible.

I’m quite looking forward to learning more about the Porvoo Communion and the chuches of Scandanavia.  I have the northern European programming that the only direction in which one heads is South.  It comes as a pleasant surprise to find that there is rather a lot of Europe to the north of Calais.


  1. Tim the Geek – u let him back in ? 🙂 🙂

    Enjoy Porvoo – it’s a lovely little town on the banks of a Finnish river. I’ve enjoyed a couple of days there.

  2. I’m starting to wonder when you’re ever home!

    Porvoo looks fascinating – pictures of the Cathedral on Google Maps make it look a much more joyful place than many of our grey buildings.

    1. Porvoo looks like a beautiful place – old wooden houses by the river. I’m going to be preaching in the
      Cathedral on Tuesday evening. Not in Finnish

        1. Well – Swedish is the second official language of Finland, and quite a number of Finns understand it. And to me the Swedish road signs are the ones I can follow – Finnish is so totally different

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