Sorry.  I know I should.  But I can’t bring myself to watch Nick Griffin on Question Time tonight.  I’ve heard enough in my life of what he represents – fears fed, divisions widened, issues manufactured, integrity questioned.  I’ll do without it for now.

This was my Thought for the Day yesterday on BBC Radio Scotland.  I defend the right to free speech.  But it is much more impressive when it is a right which is used to defend the weak or to speak words of healing and reconciliation.


  1. Is it possible for you to put links to BBC iPlayer of your ToTD / talks, and also links to interviews in newspapers etc., either here or on Province/Diocese websites ?

  2. “it is much more impressive when it is a right which is used to defend the weak”

    I think this is the vein into which the BNP have tapped. I don’t think more than a handful of their voters would subscribe to the manifesto policies, but there is a deep sense of alienation amongst white working class people. Amongst the community in which I grew up, there would be a feeling that to be white, English and working class is to be at the back of the line for everything. A number of writers have been warning of this for some years.

  3. I also couldn’t waqtch the programme last night, but I still have the niggling fear that it was an ‘under the duvet’ moment. m
    Maybe I was hoping it would just go away.

    I also feel that all our rights do not have to be taken-up…as many in war-torn Ireland and South Africa have proved…they have suffered and forgiven.

    Was this a turning point in how we see our democracy? I’m not sure, but has probably brought to the attention of all our leaders that they actually are our servants, as was stated and proved by a young man, some 2000 years ago.
    vet moment

  4. David, I am going to watch some of the programme. I feel that if I am going to criticise, nay attack full on, these people, I need to be as fully briefed as possible. However, I absolutely acknowledge and respect your right not to watch. Enough waffle – I have a dog to walk and a kitchen to clean before QT. All the best! Harry

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