Canon 4 revisited

I’ve been a bit ‘all over the place’ in every sense these last few days.

Yesterday I did the magnificent journey to Oban for the first meeting of the Preparatory Committee in the electoral process for the new Bishop of Argyll and the Isles.  Canon 4 is beginning to dominate my life – I soon won’t know what to do next unless Canon 4 is telling me that I have 120 days in which to do it.  But, for obvious reasons, I am an admirer of it.  The electoral process is extraordinarily open at the outset – the task is then to provide for the Electoral Synod the best possible choice of candidates.  It is incredibly demanding for the candidate.  I speak from experience.

Meanwhile, Thinking Anglicans points us to this interesting reflection by Hans Kung in the Grauniad – dealing with the current Roman-Anglican issues.  He doesn’t use the word – but he explains why there may in the end be a Trojan Horse dimension to all this.

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  1. A fascinating insight there from Hans Kung. I think it is a great shame that those within the communion who are looking for a more Catholic expression of their faith don’t look to the natural ally already in full communion with the Anglican world – the Old Catholic Church.

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