With the Elders

Interesting outing this evening when I was asked to preach at a Rededication Service for Church of Scotland Elders in the Parishes just south of Perth – around Bridge of Earn. I’m always glad to have the opportunity of visiting other churches. Looking first at the age profile, the most generous thing I can say is that I was among my comtemporaries. I told them how much we admire the pattern of eldership in the Church of Scotland – and invited them to admire the pattern of bishop as ‘leader of mission’ in return. Well – maybe. Perhaps not. Anyway I hope I have the opportunity of visiting others.

Meanwhile here at Blogstead, we’re somewhat horrified by today’s report that the Scottish Government is considering a tax on bicycles. Motoring has been getting cheaper. We want to encourage people into cycling and onto public transport. It’s obvious, isn’t it. What next – a tax on Burmese cats?

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  1. I admire your courage and would have loved to have heard the discussion over the tea and biscuits

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