My Thought for the Day tomorrow says that part of my job is about making connections.  So I am pondering the connection between the Clan Gathering in St Andrews – part of New Wine Scotland – at the start of the day and the Black Watch Cocktail Party at the end.  There must be a connection.

But the day started with what Radio 4 charmingly described as ‘Hatch ‘n’ Match’  That’s the CofE’s [neighbours over the hedge again] somewhat unradical proposal to slip the odd baptism into the odd wedding.  So I cruised off through the dawn of the Blogstead safari park – deer leaping over the hedge at Saucher; had to stop for rabbits all over the road at Abernyte; some clergy vacancies in Scotland if you are interested – to discuss it all with BBC Scotland down the line in Dundee at 6.55 am.  At least it gave me the chance of talking about our presence at Wedding Fairs and the like.

And on to the Clan Gathering – which of course was full of Piskie people and full of interest.img_0387

Here I am with Elaine and Angela from our congregation at St John’s, Alloa – img_03881and with Rev Malcolm Round from our congregation in Balerno.  I really enjoyed the opportunity of meeting keynote speaker, Mark Stibbe

So the big question remains.  What is the link with the Black Watch Cocktail Party.  There must be one

Well all I can offer is ‘full of Piskie people and full of interest.


  1. The connection is an inverse one, surely. The Black Watch is old wine in new bottles (for which read Highland militarism in the service of the Empire), whereas the St Andrews Clan Gathering is New Wine in old and dusty vessels.

    1. And of course one of the few bits of commonality in our own back yard in Norn Irn was their attitude to Scottish Regiments!

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