Balanced life?


Strange sort of day really.  Cast an eye upwards above the Blogstead kitchen window and you find the next generation of House Martins ready to fly – indeed they are already flying.

Elsewhere, Tiger tees off at Turnberry.  We managed a delightful cycle around Glen Isla – having carefully scrutinised the map for contour lines before setting out.

And I’m cruising the websites – trying to learn about what’s happening at TEC’s Convention at Anaheim.  It’s a bit like TUC Conferences of old – what is the relationship between Resolution D025 and Resolution B033 of 2006?  Behind that arcane question lies the need to understand whether they are simply ‘saying where we are as a church’ or saying something more serious about the Anglican Communion moratoria.  After two weeks of it, I should think they are all exhausted.


  1. From what I’m reading and especially from the blog of my bishop, Steve Lane of Maine, everyone is exhausted, but joyous.

  2. Bishop David, I was in Anaheim for a few day, and both bishops and deputies worked quite hard, and everyone I know who was there In an official capacity is very likely exhausted.

    As I see it, Do25 moves the Episcopal Church a few steps forward in opening the process of discernment for all the orders of ministry to all the baptized. In a few words….

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