Impossible to be in Ireland these days without being aware of the severity of the economic crisis.  Poppy says simply that the problems of the Celtic Tiger are nothing to do with her.  She finds Blogstead Na Mara a congenial place.  Staff are always on hand.  She retreats under a duvet on an upper bunk – from where she can display a certain ‘hauteur’.  When visited there, she simply extends one paw and stretches the claws.

Meanwhile I just restrained myself from testing my belief that, whereas in Scotland one may listen to other people’s random conversations, in Ireland one simply joins in.  Man in front of me at the check-out in Dunnes Stores in Letterkenny.  Three sets of child’s canvas shoes [gutties or runners in the vernacular here] at 3 euro each in different colours.  Lengthy explanation about his child who insists on wearing odd shoes …


  1. You must be a good man to have a Burmese cat. Are they not the most wonderful creatures. Mine, whose name is Cyprian, yes, after St. Cyprian, spends most of his days under the duvet, mostly to avoid the bossy Toy Fox Terrier who shares the house.
    I am a retired parish priest who works half time for the Bishop of Arkansas (Larry Benfield – whom you may know from the Bishop’s School) as the Director of Ministry Formation. I have followed your election with some interest and pray that your new ministry will be rich and fulfilling. May God continue to bless you.

  2. Wonder if wearing gutties in different colours will catch on? Hope you’re having a very restful time in spite of waiting on Poppy all the time. And, yes, many conversations in queues where you just join in! Hadn’t known it was so different on the other island.

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