Ouch and ouch again

First ‘ouch’ from digging the second half of the vegetable patch.  Bit less clay than the first but more stones.  Earlies and main crop potatoes in the first half.

Second ‘ouch’ from finding myself [not in uniform as it were] faced with a lady in the midst of a throng who said to me ‘I’ve given it all up.  I can’t believe it any more’  I could have told her about tomorrow’s Ethiopian eunuch – had there been time.  I failed to content myself – or her, I guess – with some muttering about ‘getting older and believing less and less but believing it more and more strongly.’

Third ‘ouch’ comes from doing a little dipping into the goings on at the Church of Ireland Synod which is taking place in Armagh.   Blogstead is being represented by +Bruce and Elaine.  Good to see all my old friends faithfully churning away …   Some little anguish in the ranks, tho’.  ‘Funds deployed’ by the Representative Church Body are described as being reduced by 42% – described as the greatest challenge to the church since Disestablishment.  Well, let’s forgive them the slight oversight in missing two World Wars and a 30 year conflict in Ireland.  The church is preparing to put 4m euro into the pension fund and raise the contribution level.  Since 75% of my pension is in there, I take an interest in these things.  And it’s good to see my old stamping ground of the Hard Gospel Programme having achieved ‘part of our life’ status.

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  1. Not all grim surely – Rev Gillian Wharton on Sunday was superb (though admitedly in response to all the grimmness). Good stuff on use of liturgical space. Tension relieved by running joke on episcopal socks and of course Bishop Michael Mayes lookalike Rt Revd Bruce Cameron mentioned Bishop David in his address to Synod.

  2. Well – I suppose to have to recognise how deeply that theology is embedded is an advance of some kind.

    As for Willie Ross – never will I Iorget his words from the General Synod rostrum. Some dreadful moment in the troubles – ‘It’s been give, give, give .. and I’m sick of it’ As a church assembly, we have never got near working out how to respond effectively to that.

  3. The Hard Gospel didn’t have much impact. We were happy to retreat from the intemperate language of the 39 Articles, but were we retreating one inch from the theology that undergirded them? Not an inch, no surrender. Came home from a thoroughly depressing gathering. We even had Willie Ross telling us our educational problems were due to those who voted ‘Yes’ to the Good Friday Agreement. Grim stuff.

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