More springtime

Springtime at Blogstead.  The huge prairie across the garden fence has had very farmer-type things done to it so that it is all neat and tidy – fertiliser spread and, I suspect, seed sown.  All accomplished in one day by a series of enormous tractors.  And apart from some spraying from time to time, that seems to be it until harvest.  Strange business farming.  No wonder the countryside seems empty most of the time.

Well my excursion to Edinburgh by Megabus worked well.  It took 75 minutes from home to Charlotte Square by driving to the Kinross Park and Ride and picking up the Megabus there.  I think it would be hard to beat that.  Pity I didn’t want to go to Charlotte Square.  The return was rather less successful because of standing traffic at the Forth Bridge – I reckon it was about 100 minutes and that’s not bad.  It was 50 miles return in the car and £7.28 return for the bus.  Sort of splitting the difference on the carbon footprint.  I’ll try it again on Friday for the College of Bishops Meeting.

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  1. Funny. I’ve previously estimated it costs about £7.40 to do it by car (1.9l diesel), of which maybe 40p is due to Edinburgh’s frightful traffic-light timing. And you don’t have to go to Charlotte Square that way.

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