Extreme Blogging

I’ve always had an eye to the progress of the Extreme Ironing fad – first encountered on the coast road south of Capetown when a VW Beetle came towards us with somebody on the roof hard at work on the collar and cuffs.

I’ve just confided to my Facebook Profile that I am travelling backwards up the East Coast Main Line at 125 mph. At last I’ve managed to connect to National Express’s wifi – not the fastest but at least you don’t lose it in the wide open spaces. The new broadband dongles should make it possible to undertake some fairly extreme blogging – so there’s a challenge.

I can never decide whether it’s better to do as I have been doing – carry on with my email and other stuff as if I was at home. Or make a virtue of necessity and read a book I wouldn’t have ‘time’ to read if I wasn’t travelling.


  1. I agree with Chris, join the twitter revolution, +Alan is on it! http://twitter.com/alantlwilson

    I can see both sides, books on trains giving you the time to read it but if necessary, then email can be done. Do you still have your blackberry? If so email (and twitter/facebook…) from it and carry a book also, as they say – job’s a good ‘un!

  2. No, David. The train’s a fine and private place, and one of the few places left where we can read in peace most of the time.

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