Blogstead au printemps

Spring has gently found its way to Blogstead.  The lane has been frozen for weeks and now there is a breeze with a little warmth in it.  I bestirred myself and took the mower and the strimmer to Kinrossie for servicing.  Poppy is having a little run every day.

And the talk turns to the vegetable plot – destined to be in the space where the fifth Bogstead Continuous Aeration Plant [septic tank] would be.  Got to take the top off the hedge to let the light in.  Got to create some defences against the rabbits.  And clear the scrubby stuff and dig it.

Next stage is the cruising of the gardening websites and blogs to find out what and when to plant.  Even though it seems warm, our weekend visitors said that our bulbs were three weeks behind the south of England.

I haven’t found a suitable name for it yet – can’t quite work out which great Anglican figure fits.


  1. Go for Scottish bishops? The ‘Eden plot’ or the ‘Jolly plot’ – avoiding Forbes’ curate George Grub, of course.

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