Happy New Year from Scotland

‘Scotland all right?’ they ask.  And as we’ve whiled away the past few days doing nothing more strenuous than this and that … yes it is .. absolutely all right.

We dropped in yesterday to see Niall and Lynn’s Red Kites – at Argaty near Doune near Dunblane.  Amazing to see 20 or 30 of them coming to feed.  If you want to go and look, check out their Argaty Red Kites website.

And today we had a walk – with what seemed like hundreds of others – along the strand at St Andrews.  Cold .. but bright light and snow on the distant hills of Angus.

Meanwhile one slight change in my patterns this Christmas has been a quickening of the pace on Facebook.  My favourite Agony Column – Mrs Mills in the Sunday Times Style Section – posed the interesting question, ‘How does one respond to a Friend request from one’s former spouse?’  You will have read the answer for yourself, of course.  Meanwhile with Roseanna Cunningham’s group to support a St Andrews to Iona Pilgrimage Route – and with the emergence of a sort of post-troubles diaspora of Irish exports, I’ve been finding my Facebook activity busy enough for me to cope with.

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  1. We had a red kite swooping around the buddleia 20 ft from our kitchen window on Friday — We hadn’t seen one quite that close up before. Lucy thought it looked like an eagle, and then we remembered that the Chilterns are now awash with red kites. Perhaps they’re taking over?

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