Wild Man

One of the down-sides of the bishopping life is a lack of continuity.  One constantly drops in on situations and miss the deep-down continuity which parish/congregational ministry brings.  I always feel that particularly in Advent and Lent.

So it was good to meet John the Baptist today in Kirriemuir.  I doubt if his camel skins would have been enough to keep him warm this morning.  His wild man bearing always challenges my desire to organise and strategise.

And Kirriemuir was a good place to be.  I didn’t venture into the pulpit – which is one of our most vertiginous.  But we had Nicola’s confirmation and a congregation of almost 60 on a freezing cold day.  So there’s plenty of Advent hope around.

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  1. I’ve been involved in the production of twenty monologues for Downtown Radio, telling the life of Jesus from birth to resurrection. The producer has decided that an authentic John the Baptist needs a Glasgow accent!

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