How many Irishmen?

… does it take to change a lightbulb?  Put that into Google and you get umpteen pages of ‘one to hold the bulb and 99 to turn the house/drink until the room spins round/none – they’d rather live in the Dark Ages.

So how many does it take to deliver cash to the local bank in Dunfanaghy in these peaceful times?

Answer:  One armoured van.  Two army vehicles with lots of people with guns.  One Garda [police] squad car.

Which reminds me that I must write to the nice security people at Edinburgh Airport – to ask why arriving Belfast passengers are always either delivered or bused at great expense to a door at the end of the Terminal marked [surprisingly enough] Belfast Arrivals.  Am I considered to be a security risk as I move from one part of the UK to another?


  1. And, surprisingly enough, so far as Ryanair is concerned, Belfast is actually Belfast [City Airport – George Best International if you must] and Dublin is Dublin.

  2. Dear +David,

    You are not alone in your frustrations regarding possible “immigration checks” from Belfast.

    I think many in our Nation may be surprised to learn that Belfast is where it is, and Dublin is most definitely not.

    Tarred with the same brush ??

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