Doing the Lambeth Trek

Alison and I are doing a series of meetings around the Diocese – exploring Lambeth and its implications with people.  Full marks to Trinity Wall Street for their Video Diaries – no better way of giving people a feel of the Conference.  When I showed some sections to our clergy, I think they were positively relieved to find that the Anglican Communion which we value is still in existence in the measured contributions of bishops from provinces all over the world.

But why would anyone come out to a meeting on a cold night in Scotland to hear about Lambeth?  Strange that.  Some curiosity .. undoubtedly some concern about the future and whether we will be able to cohere .. the desire of people in a small church to belong to something bigger.  Strange thing this Anglican Communion.  I’ve just decided that it doesn’t really exist and then …


  1. David, Yourself, Alison, and the video clips showed the church exists beyond our parish, diocesan and provincial boundaries, that it is more than a concept but is human in all senses – and so are bishops!
    On behalf of everyone who travelled to Kinross a big thanks for coming along.

    Robert Walker
    Sec. St. Paul’s, Kinross

  2. Sorry about that Malcolm. Thanks for the comment. I was actually attempting to make the meetings accessible by moving around the diocese. Please ask your Rector to speak to me about it and I’ll see what can be done.

  3. Good to see the consultation meetings on the Lambeth conference, but why no meeting to discuss in Perth.

    Very many members of congregations either cannot or do not want to travel to Blair’, Kinross – they either don’t drive, don’t have cars or don’t want to go far in the evening.

    A meeting on a Saturday or Sunday in the day would be much more useful.

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