Autonomy in Communion and all that

Well it was a William McGonagle night on the Tay Bridge as we headed for St Andrews this evening.  This was the third evening which Alison and I have run in different parts of the diocese – using material from the Lambeth Video Diaries with some of our own photos and looking at Anglican Communion issues.  I am surprised by the numbers – must have been around 50 people there this evening.  Since we were in St Andrews, people use big words when they ask questions – so I had to work hard to keep up.  The level of interest and knowledge amazes me – is it a ‘small church’ thing that the Anglican Communion matters to our people?  Or is it the Seabury connection which means that we feel we have a historic connection with the Communion?  Whatever the reason, we had an energetic discussion about autonomy in communion, gracious restraint, federation or curia or communion, moratoria, covenant, holiness and justice paradigms.  Exciting, don’t you think?

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  1. Yes I think it is exciting to see that people do want to know what is being done in their name. I find much of the interest is aroused because they read the papers and have to deal with friends,acquaintances or family challenging them about the unchristian way the Communion (or parts of it)is behaving.I think it surprises them and revitalises their own church membership when they realise they care how their fellow Anglicans behave.

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