Tom Allen


Well we gathered in our Cathedral in Edinburgh today for Tom’s funeral – family and friends, members of the parish in Oakworth, Mission to Seafarers and various members of the blogging community. I don’t think it has altogether sunk in yet.

This was the eulogy. The funeral of a priest is a strange thing – there are so many layers to what we become. Tom had done as we all do – stood in church at a funeral and struggled to find words to express meaning in apparent meaninglessness – said the words of faith and tested his own faith against them. Philip had found words from Tom’s own addresses at funerals – so I was able to place Tom’s very compassionate and pastoral faith at the heart of it.

And then … we went into the pub at Haymarket and raised a glass to Tom. Strange things, funerals.


  1. Oh..thank you so much for posting this. As one of the many too far away, it has been hugely helpful to be given the opportunity to take time to remember and give thanks, and the props to enable this.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this eulogy – lots of Tom’s blog-friends, too far away to get to Edinburgh, honoured him with prayers and music on Wednesday, and prayed for his family and close friends.

  3. Thank you so much, David. For those of us too far away to participate directly, it has helped our prayers to have your take, and Raspberry Rabbit’s. Love and prayers for Tom and his family.

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