Off the rails

How can it be that a huge travel company can just go bust without warning leaving 65000 people stranded? Does it happen like this in other places like this? And then one ponders the difficulties of the Channel Tunnel. What if one’s car is third in the queue when they had to close it and there are now 5000 others behind it – how does one ever get away from there?

Meanwhile, I’m spending too much time in transit between here and Edinburgh – a product of my sojurn with the Mission and Ministry Board. I was travelling back to Perth happily at the end of the second day when I realised that I should actually have been going to Dunblane. Ah well.

And I slipped in another Thought for the Day this week. A perfectly reasonable tour of the Millennium Development Goals.  But then I realised that I should really have done the CERN thingy which was about to be switched on and bring the world to a premature end. That would have allowed me to continue to obsess about Sarah Palin and the Creationists ..


  1. I, for one, am very glad you chose to concentrate on the problems of world injustice, famine, hunger and poverty, which exist tangibly here & now, than join the idiotic scaremongering about an event which is none of the above.

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