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Haven’t done a Thought for the Day for a while – too busy with Lambeth and other stuff. So here is one about Sarah Palin.  We went to Glasgow last night and I became convinced that she was going to blow up and resign before I could get it delivered [ouch!] at 7.20 this morning.

One of the best things about what clergy and bishops do is that we move at all sorts of levels in society.  I know that much of what I deal with can be a bit shambolic.  What interests me is that every other level that I visit is equally shambolic.  Was she vetted?  Well they may have short-circuited the processes a bit.  How well did John McCain know her before naming her as his running mate.  Well they had spoken twice.

I know she is the darling of the Christian right.  But I think she will cost him the election.   Not – by the way – because of the sad story of her daughter or anything like that.  More because of that scary feeling that we may not yet know everything that there is to know.

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