Take up your bed

Kimberly of course wants too much information.  But since she asks … the obvious answer to this single room stuff is a discreet rearrangement of the furniture.  So we now have a sitting/IT room and a bedroom.  Anglican Connubial Bliss is safe for now.

The news hounds who are sniffing around here won’t find much to excite.  I’ve been here today for pre-Conference training as a Bible Study Group leader.  It’s great news that each group will work in three languages with interpreters.  It gives the group leader time to think.

Initial impressions?  I wandered around today and talked to all sorts of people.  Two impressions.  First that this is not a gathering of extremists.  No doubt there are passionate convictions around.  But people who deal with people in all their variety and complexity have a sort of innate moderation about them.  And many of the people I met today are priests who spent long years in pastoral  ministry before becoming bishops.  It makes a difference.


  1. Great! Alan – I’ll look forward to your seminar on pragmatically feasible relationships. Perhaps you will be invited to run it as part of the spouses programme as well. Meanwhile, I look forward to the bloggers’ meeting tomorrow.

  2. I think your arrangements resemble what we did once, on a holiday in the same venue. We had a TV in the other room…

  3. Phew! This is a great relief to me, David. Living arrangements sound like what Lucy and I had notionally envisaged and it’s good to know it’s pragmatically feasible.

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