Search for the Holy Grail

I’m grateful for the comments on yesterday’s post.  This whole place is full of putative oppositional pairings at present – justice and righteousness being just another of the more common.  I think Archbishop Rowan took a calculated risk in setting out his picture of the two groups as he did.  There seems to be some kind of tentative dialogue stirring and that is to be welcomed.  If I have any answer to Kimberly’s question as to where the centre might be, I think it is probably among those who can identify with both sides of this issue and who are unable to reach a clear and final view on it.

Gene Robinson addressed a meeting here this evening.  I felt I needed to go and hear him and so I did.

It’s been unbelievably and unrelentingly hot here for the past two weeks and a fair measure of weariness is setting in.  At Evening Worship today, what should have been a three minute address in a stifling big top stretched to 15.  I resisted the temptation to leave – but only just.  We’ve been here now for 15 days.  Four more to go.  Satis superque again.


  1. Hi David, thanks for such a refreshingly honest post. I don;t know how you keep at it! I am exhausted just reading the timetable for the Lambeth Conference! Every blessing, Mark

  2. Yes – I think that the centre is partly as Martin describes. Not, I think, a mediating postion. More a dynamic place which provides a spiritual holding frame for a range of positions.

    Sue – thanks for your kind comment. As for theological training, you may have noticed that I have said once or twice that I suspect that the Spouses’ Conference might be more interesting than the Bishops’ Conference. Actually a day or two spent with the young Stewards who come from every part of the Communion might be more enlightening than either.

  3. +David
    Thank you for your daily blog. I have no theological training – but I am a faithful worshipper and would hate to see the Anglican communion split. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and there is only one nperson who can stand in judgement on any other person.But, +David, I want to thank you for explaining the sermons and talks in such an easy to understand way. It has made lambeth more tha just something that the Bishops went to. You made it real for me. Sue

  4. Bishop David,

    Perhaps being able to appreciate the arguments from the opposing groups is a quality that should be celebrated? Rather than being a passive centre, is this not a position of mediatorial strength? Perhaps centre isn’t the right way to describe such a position –
    especially if the Trinitarian analogy is brought into the discussion? Could it be that this position is the one that could hold the show together? Are there many bishops who are in this position?

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