Make me virtual

I’ve spent the last two days at meetings in Edinburgh – it makes me thankful that I do less of that than many other people. I found myself in the middle of the Forth Bridge trying – and failing – to connect my Blackberry to Stagecoach’s free wifi. Don’t know why – but I have a bad track record at that stuff.

Two things. Surely it’s time we pushed much harder for an improvement in the miserable broadband speeds which seem common in rural Scotland. If there is one thing which would help us to make a serious attempt at video conferencing, it would surely be an improvement in broadband speeds. Every meeting saved is a huge cost and time saving.  Then I found myself reading about new video-conferencing technologies – like Flash Meeting. We talk about these things in our Information and Communications Board. We need to try some of it in a more determined way.


  1. I quite agree – I was obsessed long before I actually owned a Blackberry, I’ve just been away for the weekend for the Glenalmond Leaders weekend away,and I haven’t been able to use the blackberry at all! no signal in Kincraig!
    Ah, I’d suggest getting in contact with whoever you have your mobile contract with and asking them about it or contacting stagecoach and asking them for help since they advertise you can use it, there must be someone they have who will help you.

  2. Yes but the sticker on the window of the bus said that it would work with PDA’s ‘n stuff. My Blackberry said that it couldn’t get an IP address. The bishop’s wife says that my Blackberry has made me obsessive. Not true. I was obsessive long before that.

  3. as of 1.16pm this afternoon, I am now on the Blackberry band wagon, I love Vodafone.
    Yes, I think the stagecoach WiFi is only for laptops but I do believe there is a work around for it.

    And there is petitions etc galore for rural broadband to pick up, keep heart

  4. From what I’ve been told the infrastructure – router-wise – to run wireless for Blackberries, iPod Touch, et cetera . . . is different than the one used to run wireless for laptop and desktop computers.

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