We’re nearly there. Diocesan Review is steadily turning into Diocesan Policy. I’m always fascinated by this phase of the process. You don’t quite know how it’s going to turn out – it’s like walking purposefully towards a piece of scenery and watching the shapes, outlines and shadows become clear as you approach.

The name is a bit of a preoccupation at present. I’ve always been keen to find names which are slightly non-specific – don’t raise mistaken pre-suppositions and prejudices and therefore invite rejection – and which lift the heart rather more than anything with ‘policy’ or ‘strategy’ in it. We used to have a ‘Dry Bones’ Group in the parish. Best, I think, is something which connects us to the biblical tradition. Given our problems with age profile, Abraham gets the odd mention – as does Lazarus. Or maybe we should give our gradual move away from the ‘English Church’ tag a bit of a nudge by choosing something Celtic.

My last experience of this phase was in Down and Dromore – where the consultant produced the name Think Again – evangelism in neutral language.


  1. Thanks – will add it to three pages of flip chart which we produced in a brain-storming session today!

  2. How about “Love, Actually”.

    (This came to me after looking at mission material called ‘Four Studies and a Party”)


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