I’d forgotten what a good place the Lake District is – much more Alpine in atmosphere than Scotland.  But it is crowded in a way which makes one yearn for the wide open spaces.  I’d forgotten too how rich in the material of childhood it is.  Up the road is Coniston where much of Arthur Ransome’s story of the Swallows and Amazons was set – Titty tacking up the field to Holly Howe and Mother rowing across to Wild Cat Island with long steady strokes …  Beatrix Potter is nearby as well with all the childhood material of Jemima Puddleduck and the others.  And finally Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage – evocative not so much of Wordsworth as because it is the proper name of Blogstead na Mara.  I could happily retreat into all that, however nice these clergy are!


  1. Yes – stupid of me. I half thought it was Roger. Kitty was of course naming promonteries somewhere and writing the names in in Indian ink. I’d forgotten the goose winged sails. Nice touch.

    Yes Garda would be good. I think I saw mayself rather more as a Day Trader dealing in the shares of churches. In which case the C of I would be a utility and the SEC would be a Bolivian tin mine

  2. Oh dear, David, Beatrix Potter was odd and William and Dorothy Wordsworth even odder, have we space for an eccentric bishop of a church in a market economy? I had always pictured you more as the residentiary canon from Barchester who was resident on the shores of Lake Garda.

  3. Was it not Roger that tacked up the field and then returned goose winged?


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