Blogstead at its best.  I went for a quick cycle yesterday at the end of the afternoon.  Lifting my eyes from the road, I found four deer keeping me company just over the hedge.  They then jumped the fence, crossed the road in front of me and headed off across the fields.  Tonight I drove home from Newport – through the Sidlaw Hills from Dundee – at around 9.30 pm.  Amazing how much light there was in the sky behind the hills.

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  1. And lets recall the rather special, timeless atmosphere of Newport itself, which I myself find unique and genuinely captivating. But then, as a Southamptonian living in Surrey (though also Perth), I’m perhaps still over-sensitised to the beauty of such things. As a Dubliner who has lived long in N.Ireland you may have got slightly used to such delicate Celtic riches?!

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