Times are a-changing for our little community out here at Blogstead Episcopi.  Our good friends and neighbours at No 1 are moving.  So they are looking for a buyer with loads of liquid readies.  We are looking for new community members.  Like the SEC, we are into inclusiveness.  At 50%, we are seriously overweight in bishops.  So no more of them, please.   But some diversity in  gender, sexuality, race …  would shorten the winter for us all.  As with The Sound of Music and ‘I can do Anything’, we thought of auditions or the opportunity to make a short Powerpoint presentation on ‘What I could bring to Blogstead’ or ‘All I know about Continuous Aeration Plant septic tanks’


  1. Thanks Kimberley. That’s kind. I do try but I don’t get out much. I think there are real issues here about us ‘finding a voice’ and we’re not there yet by a long way.

  2. off topic, but before ‘Blogging Appreciation Day’ is over:

    Thank you for being the bishop who blogs, for speaking bravely and engaging in discussion.

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