One reason for going to Bangkok was to visit Rainbow House – part of CCD [Christian Care for Disabled Children] where our Mark worked as a volunteer for three months in 2006.  A number of families with whom Alison has worked have adopted children through the same organisation. 

Bangkok is amazing.  We have now learnt that all taxis and Tuk Tuks immediately declare themselves lost – and then default to bringing you to the Bangkok equivalent of the House of Bruar or to the driver’s uncle’s Liposuction Clinic.

I have also been reading Nick Thorpe’s ‘Adrift in Caledonia’ – a really charming book about his attempt to hitch hike on various boats around the coast of Scotland.  Although he failed to get a lift on a nuclear submarine, he did get a conducted tour.  He then had a think about how the mindset required to believe that nuclear submarines are relevant in the modern world might be similar to that of the rather scary fundamentalist Christians with whom he rowed to Iona.  A similar sort of narrowing and, indeed, suspension of disbelief!   His tour became a sort of pilgrimage in which he attempted to recapture the religious feelings of his youth – but with maturity and integrity.  Interesting.

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  1. Quite happy to see you seem to be enjoying yourselves, as per the smiley picture in this your post.)

    Most interesting to discover about Rainbow House.

    Was just musing to myself yesterday, whilst reflecting on the concept of the Body of Christ etc, that it is through other Christian folks’ showing God’s kindness and goodness in concrete ways that I have been touched by God’s grace over the years. Had it not been for them hearing the ‘call’ to serve, where would God have been?!

    And all that put one in mind of the following verse,St Matthew 25.40b: ‘Most certainly I tell you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

    Congratulations to your Mark for what he did, then.

    Anyone wants to read about Rainbow House and how it started:

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