I’m about to go on holiday for a while.  So the indispensability sub-stratum of my control-freakery kicks in.  Clearly I need to arrange everything which will happen in my absence, second-guess all problems and provide solutions and generally behave as if my presence is essential for the sustaining of our friendly but slightly frayed ecclesiastical institution.  However the light in the eyes of those around me suggests that I am not the only one looking forward to a break.  And I am not going to be able to do everything before I leave … and maybe I could offload this or that onto somebody who might actually put it out of its misery …


  1. Don’t do what a guy in my ski school group did, and carry a Blackberry with you. He was constantly checking his email on the piste and was so tense that although a good skier he kept falling. Eventually he did a 180 degree turn, fell over backwards tearing his calf muscle and had to be collected by skiddoo. Leave it all behind!

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