Relief postponed

Meanwhile back at Bogstead .. the arrival of the tanker is now delayed until Saturday morning.  So we are holding on grimly.  The inner chamber of the septic [or was that ‘sceptic’]tank has collapsed because it was emptied without the outer chamber having been emptied first.  It’s obvious and deserves a separate module at TISEC.

In this action-packed scenario, Poppy has been attempting to bring the field mice to the edge of extinction.  She was shouting in the middle of the night and was given the run of the house in the hope that she would quieten down.  She then advanced on the episcopal boudoir – still shouting – with a mouse clamped between her jaws.   What would St Francis have done?


  1. But the answer, as always, lies with Father Ted – whose advice to Fr Dougal in all moments of difficulty was to say, ‘But that, of course, would be an ecumenical matter’ Full report with photo for all sceptics follows tomorrow.

  2. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to construct a sermon using the septic tank story as a starting point. 😉

  3. Like most readers of this site I am intrigued and impressed by the amazing range of subjects discussed with Roland Walls, the Diocesan Review and ‘Subtle Sectarianism’ being three of the latest. But mention of the inner workings of a septic tank really threw me and I realized I had led a sheltered life as I hadn’t a clue what it was all about. But the web being what it is I soon found a selection of articles, there are 226,000 of them, but I settled for Wikipedia and am confident that I could now hold my own in any ecumenical discussion group on this subject.

    Or perhaps I need to get out more often.

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