My Facebook homepage records that ‘I think I have had enough for today’.  Our twice-yearly meeting with the Catholic Bishops was followed .. by a nice lunch .. and then by a lengthy meeting of the College of Bishops.  On the train home, I finished ‘Mole under the Fence’ – conversations with Roland Walls, a wonderful mystic of a man who served as Priest in Charge of the famous Rosslyn Chapel .. became a Catholic .. established a religious community.  I don’t think he would have found our meeting today particularly exciting.  He said, ‘I’m not one of those who despise formal ecumenism.  It’s all been part of a very necessary process in the simplification of faith’  Would that it were so!


  1. Well – Yes and No. I met the Moderator at the Sectarianism Conference in Glasgow last week – she’s always a delight to meet. I’ve had some other more local encounters and I’m speaking at the PACT Carols in the Concert Hall just before Christmas. But otherwise No

  2. Out of interest, do you perchance meet with the Kirk? If so, who, and do you get nice lunches there too?

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