More from the bottom of the tank

Sorry for my continual ob-cessing about the septic tank.  They arrived today with two tankers – each decorated with the slogan above – and carried out an evacuation of all four Bogstead systems.  If you really want to get ‘into this’ as it were, here are the pretty diagrams for a CAP [Continuous Aeration Plant].  You have to empty the outer chamber first – if you do it the other way round, the pressure in the outer chamber distorts the inner chamber and damages it.  That’s what we think has happened to at least two of the four systems here.  Isn’t it wonderful that this time last week I knew nothing at all about all this?


  1. Septic tanks can be a fascinating topic esp when they go wrong – if a wee bit nasty. Beware those that say they need frequent empytings (it costs)as it often is not needed. at my last rectory they advised putting in a unit at £2k (I thought of the possible heart attack of the diocesan treasurer and so declined the advice) but in the end just a new soakaway (a pipe with nailholes in it was all that was needed (at £1.50!). In God’s economy the bacteria colony re-established after a draining did the rest – and in the next 5 years it never needed emptying! It is rather cold to go outside in the snow tho!!

  2. This is thrilling stuff and I can even forgive you the fifth word of your last entry. More tomorrow – please.

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