Killin Church

Killin Church

This is our church at Killin – one of the few remaining tin churches of the many which used to be scattered across the Highlands. Known as the TinTab by its congregation, it’s one of those places which I increasingly feel simply ‘is’ the Scottish Episcopal Church – small, warm, lined in wood, flickering candles, faithful congregation .. It was built in 1876 by the 7th Marquis of Breadalbane as a place where members of his shooting parties could worship – hence its other local name of ‘grouse chapel’. I brought this sermon with me. And if you want the tourist stuff, the church is just round the corner from the splendid Falls of Dochart and close to the western end of Loch Tay. The entire congregation enjoyed Angus and Jill’s hospitality after the service, sitting around the dining table. Quote of the day for me? ‘We demolished 23 rooms when we moved here.’


  1. That’s great. Collectors’ items all over the place – so the SEC fits in well! I did find a big house near Aberfoyle where the cattle grid at the gate was clearly made out of discarded railway line – presumably from the same railway.

  2. I cannot find my source for this piece of information, but I think the TinTab was purchased by the Marquess of Breadalbane from the Callander & Oban Railway Company. It started life as a store for materials during the construction of that line.

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