Folding Enthronement

Just a quick [!] trip yesterday for the enthronement of my friend, Nigel Stock, as Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich. We go back to Cuddesdon training days when Tamsin the dog and +Brian of Edinburgh taught us theology and Archbishop Michael Ramsay lived in retirement at the top of the lane. It’s always interesting to see the C of E in full establishment cry at an event like this – and to know that, beneath the veneer, things are pretty much the same as they are everywhere else. ‘Quick’ meant that I arrived in Bury St Edmunds at 12.15 after an eight hour journey that involved car, plane, train and bus – home about 11.30 pm. But of course the highlight for me was the arrival of the Archdeacon of Canterbury on her Brompton Folding Bicycle. While she didn’t actually ride it in the procession, she had cycled from Victoria to King’s Cross and then across Bury St Edmunds to the Cathedral. Next comes the Folding Lambeth Conference? If you want to know more about the folding world view, visit the Folding Society’s website.


  1. Don’t know about Jim Hacker. Not as well versed as in Father Ted – tho’ I do remember with great pleasure Sir H’s speech when the possibility of No 10 loomed – no personal or selfish ambition .. just a willingness to serve if called upon.

    As for missing Nigel – one of my friends encountered an enhancement of the ‘Have an nice day’ culture of the US when he left a store and was told, ‘Missing you already.’

  2. Greater love hath no old college mate than that he make an eight hour journey for his friend. Glad you made it Bp David … there and back! We’re already missing +Eds and Ips in Stockport.

  3. Is that the diocese to which “Yes, Prime Minister” Jim Hacker once made an appointment?

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