Fits like a glove

There was a strong SEC turn-out last night to see ++Idris installed as Deacon of the Skinners and Glovers in Glasgow.  Quite an achievement for an episcopalian bishop [how do we stop people using that?] to find his way to the heart of a significant and historic piece of city life in that way.  Bishop James Jones talked about regeneration in Liverpool and Glasgow – saying it wasn’t worth much unless it had love and justice at its heart.  Sounded to me like the same speech as I once heard Bishop Desmond Tutu making to community workers in Belfast – not much point attempting to build peace unless it has spirituality at its heart.


  1. So now that your Primus is “Deacon of the Skinners and Glovers in Glasgow,” does that make him a Deacon^2? (Deacon > Priest > Bishop > Primus > Deacon, though does seem a rather circular path.)

    As for proper use of + and number thereof, from what I’ve been told:

    It is William+ for the rector of my parish and +David for the Bishop who’s blog this is and ++Katherine for our PB, over here across the pond, and also ++Idris for your Primus, and +++Rowan for the Archbishop of Canterbury because he’s supposedly the “first among equals” of all the Primates, but deacons don’t get anything, though I’ve heard suggestions that / would be appropriate for obvious reasons should it ever be universally adopted.

    “Episcopalian Bishop” is indeed redundant, but so is Chai Tea Latte, but that hasn’t stopped Starbucks from selling Chai under that label.

  2. I should think all the episcopal extremities will be liturgically booted and spurred. Exciting times ahead in G & G!

  3. Oh dear goodness, does this mean that he is going to be turning up in buskins and liturgical gloves now as well as the pallium that we are already being treated to?

    However he may dress, I’d say he is a + not a ++.

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