To Blog or not to Blog

Over on his blog, Kelvin is sounding out opinion on the potential links to SEC bloggers on the new provincial website. It sounds good to me because, for some reason, blogging now seems fairly deeply embedded in the Piskie psyche. Is this because we actually like talking to one another – or just that we are entirely comfortable talking to ourselves.

I’m working at present on an article for Inspires about Episcopalian Blogging. At its best, the blogs seem to me to put on view bits of the vitality and thinking processes of the church which would otherwise be hidden. No doubt there is plenty of rubbish – but there is something about the relentless discipline of the every day blog which reveals however adroitly we think we can conceal.


  1. Will that Inspires article be available somewhere online?

    I’m rather interested in Episcopalian blogging (and Anglican too).

    Miss Dagurreotype who is amused to find herself between a Mad Priest and an Old Cynic. (I notice that Chasing Bishops is on your list too. Have you been caught by them?)

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