A Record

I know I am a fairly hardened church-goer.  But the two and a half hours of Mark Strange’s Consecration today in Inverness must be something of a record.  The episcopal posterior was certainly hardened by the time we finished.  But never mind – it was another day when the SEC pretended – with some success – to be 25 times bigger than it really is and Mark will bring a welcome shot of renewed energy with him.  As always I sat and pondered – as always I find these things quite emotional.  The words that ‘got’ me today were in the blessing as he was ‘seated’ – ‘May you lead with courage and guide with love’.  I’ll ponder that one.

One comment

  1. Also a record for being head and shoulders the best consecration service in the SEC for years, and I’ve been to a few. The sermon said what needed to be said – will it be heard? sadly and probably not.

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